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Seattle Area Shops

While not an exhaustive list of all running shops in the Seattle area, here are a few of my favorites; places I’ve been and trust.  All these shops have group runs throughout the week and have owners that really know their stuff, especially when it comes to trail running.  I’ve tried to highlight a few of the things that set each shop apart.

Seven Hills Running Shop

In Magnolia, right next to Discovery Park.  This shop specializes in trail running.  Aside from being a shoe store, the shop hosts plenty of interesting events for the trail running community. Get a pair of shoes here and hit the trails right outside! You see Seven Hills shirts all over at local trail races for a reason.

Fleet Feet Seattle

In the heart of Seattle, up on Capitol Hill.  This shops seems to trend more towards road running, but certainly has a good selection of trail shoes.  Super convenient if you live in the city.  Discounts for Seattle Running Club members!  Plus… ice cream right next door? Yes.

The Balanced Athlete

Outside Seattle, just off 405 in Renton.  A great location for those that live on the Eastside or south of Seattle.  What a comprehensive shop!  Amazing selection of shoes and very knowledgeable staff.  They also have an on-premise PT.  Discounts for Seattle Running Club members.

Local Race Series

Not an exhaustive list at all, but a few sources of a ton of great races.  Don’t miss races without a series home, though! *cough* White River *cough*

Rainshadow Running

Evergreen Trail Runs

Northwest Trail Runs

Northwest Runner Blogs I Follow

We’ve got an amazing community of runners out here.  Here are a few blogs from people that I like to run with, find inspiring, learn stuff from, or are just plain entertaining!

Seeking Ultra

Roll with the Trails

A Little Runny

sealife chronicles



Martin Criminale

Desiree Marek

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