Little Si / Mt Si / Teneriffe

Spring time.  For the Seattle mountain runner, it means we can start venturing further and further up I-90 to “the good stuff.”  Don’t get me wrong: It’s amazing to have access to the Issaquah Alps all winter, but the melting snow provides access to some amazing trails.

I’d recently been doing some exploring around Mt Si and, as is often the case, got lost a couple of times… and ended up finding some great, unexpected trails.  The first was the “Old Big Si” trail connecting the Little Si trailhead to “Big” Si (or… just plain old Mt Si).  The next was an unnamed, unmarked trail connecting the Talus Loop trail on Si over to the Teneriffe Road.
One of the reasons I’ve avoided Si is feeling that I couldn’t run far enough without running repeats – and I don’t think many non-pros feel like running Si repeats.  It was time to take these connector trails and see what kind of long trail run can be strung together in good ol’ North Bend, Washington.