Snowy Rattlesnake Mountain Double Traverse – NYE

Rattlesnake Mountain.  Well-know to most Seattle-area trail runners.  It’s a great playground for trail runners of any ability.  For beginners, the simplicity of the route (no intersections with other trails) makes it unintimidating.  For the advanced, the climbing involved makes it a great place to do work.  On this New Years Eve, I was just there for the snow.


Seattle Marathon (plus) 2014 Race Report

I was looking forward to running my first road marathon in about two and a half years.  Considering all my training had been focused on ultra distances and climbing mountain trails, I knew this wouldn’t be a fast marathon, so I just decided to cruise the course at a relaxed pace, take in the views, and remember what 26.2 felt like.  Then Seattle got cold and I got a bad idea from one of my trail running buddies… (more…)