Suiattle River Trail – Miners Ridge

I’ve always been a little reluctant to run in the North Cascades.  It’s a drive from Seattle; I generally don’t like to spend more time driving to and from the run than I’ll spend running.  Plus, the I-90 corridor has so many amazing trails “just up the road” from me.  Luke swears by the North Cascades, though.  I made a half-hearted attempt to convince him to run some of Section I of the PCT, but he threw out some other options that just sounded too interesting.  The winner ended up being a river valley run up the Seattle River Trail.  And a winner it definitely was! (more…)

Snowy Rattlesnake Mountain Double Traverse – NYE

Rattlesnake Mountain.  Well-know to most Seattle-area trail runners.  It’s a great playground for trail runners of any ability.  For beginners, the simplicity of the route (no intersections with other trails) makes it unintimidating.  For the advanced, the climbing involved makes it a great place to do work.  On this New Years Eve, I was just there for the snow.