Can Ultrarunning Videos be Interesting? Enter Hyperlapse.

That’s the question. To clarify, I don’t mean excellent race films, like the talented guys at Project Talaria create (go ahead, take 9 minutes to watch – I’ll wait here). I mean: Go Pro on the chest, “running” 13 minute miles for 6 hours, DIY, trail running videos. I’ve always assumed the answer was “no.” Until I learned about Hyperlapse today…

In a blog posted earlier today, we learned about Microsoft researcher Johannes Kopf, who wasn’t dissuaded by the unwatchable outdoor adventure videos he was making. No; instead, he decided he’d find a way to make something awesome. He and his colleagues found a way to smooth out the ultra-jerky videos that result from trying to speed up slow-moving activities.  The results were astounding.  Check out the video:

How about this? Running around Greenlake was somehow made awesome!?

If you really want to get into the nuts and bolts, check out their more technically-inclined post.  I won’t try to summarize, as I wouldn’t be able to do it justice.  Just know this: Hyperlapse will doubtless make some amazing contributions to ultrarunning in the near future!

Now I just need to find a runner willing to run with a camera on their head…

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