Sweeping Echo Valley Trail Runs

Evergreen Trail Runs were my introduction to trail races, so I have a soft spot for the series.  I’ve been racing less this year, but finding that sweeping races is a great way to get quality time out on the trails and see all those fun runners, while keeping things low-key.  Combined with my need for more heat training, sweeping Echo Valley was a no-brainer!  Off to Chelan… (more…)

Suiattle River Trail – Miners Ridge

I’ve always been a little reluctant to run in the North Cascades.  It’s a drive from Seattle; I generally don’t like to spend more time driving to and from the run than I’ll spend running.  Plus, the I-90 corridor has so many amazing trails “just up the road” from me.  Luke swears by the North Cascades, though.  I made a half-hearted attempt to convince him to run some of Section I of the PCT, but he threw out some other options that just sounded too interesting.  The winner ended up being a river valley run up the Seattle River Trail.  And a winner it definitely was! (more…)

Orcas Island 50K – 2015 Race Report

The 2013 Orcas Island 50K was my first Rainshadow race – and a real eye opener.  I’d run a 50K and a 50M the prior summer, but nothing that compared to this monster – either in beauty of difficulty.  The Power Line Trail… that’s all I could think about after.  That trail nearly defeated me (and certainly left me feeling defeated at the time).  After missing the 2014 Orcas Island 50K, I was really looking forward to a return trip and a chance to test my mettle (and two years of experience) against this beast again… (more…)