Beacon Rock 50K – 2015 Race Report

I’m pretty much ready to be done with the spring.  It hasn’t been my (racing) year so far, although I’ve had some of the steadiest training I’ve had since I started running.  The Beacon Rock 50K kind of summed it up.  The second lap 45 minutes slower than the first lap.  My overall time 40 minutes slower than last year.  We’ve had a warm year in the Northwest so far… and the heat is owning me, badly.  This racecourse was as beautiful I remembered, but as soon as the temperature rose… (more…)

Sweeping Echo Valley Trail Runs

Evergreen Trail Runs were my introduction to trail races, so I have a soft spot for the series.  I’ve been racing less this year, but finding that sweeping races is a great way to get quality time out on the trails and see all those fun runners, while keeping things low-key.  Combined with my need for more heat training, sweeping Echo Valley was a no-brainer!  Off to Chelan… (more…)